How we bootstrapped from zero to 1 crore in a year!

Red Baton’s first office ( Oh we didn’t have a name back then)

Always get your finances and agreements in place, calculate the risks and factors that might come without notice and have a long term plan in place.

A few pictures from the shoot we did for

Always make sure you hire the right candidates, give them assignments to do, take thorough interviews, check the way they worked in their previous organisations and if they will fit into your company.

At Red Baton old office with Arun (left), Fayaz (extreme right) and Anuja

The kind of team you build at a start-up is your biggest asset; keep people happy at the work place, make them your family and keep calm no matter what.

Red Baton current office

Believe in what you do! Don’t think, just go out and do it! and what we believe the most “Move fast and break things”.



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