Let me begin with my manifestation story. Back in my Dubai days, it was one of those hottest days of summer. After completing my group yoga class walked down my studio trying to book a cab for home.

Unfortunately even after 30 mins I couldn’t find any so decided to walk. As I walked in that scorching heat, I thought to myself if I could manifest someone offering a lift till the next metro station. And began my visualization.

I had barely walked for a few minutes and a sparkling Red Porsche halted next to me. A young man popped his head out and asked if I wanted a lift. …

Ronak Gajjar

Being emotional & doing Business cannot co-exist . Generally speaking people rationalize their suffering from workplace.

In Current situation where work from home NEW NORMAL is rapidly growing & won’t leave anytime soon. We need to work with a “Super Charge Method” to have an Emotional balance .

I feel the attitude of people that others are Undeserving can cause chaotic waves in our own mind. This often leads to anxiety , guilt , stress as deep down we have moved away from being Compassionate towards others which is our Natural Self.

Compassion is deep seeded but there are various reasons it can be Blocked. One of which is we are Judgmental for our loved ones or Clients.

Ultimate Meditation Weekend Class”

One of my student asked me “I feel foggy and not as sharp as people of my age. Decisions become more difficult to make, anxiety is popping up during this covid times. My mind doesn’t stay still at all ; how do I stop it from wandering off?

I immediately connected these thoughts to my good old days. I had left my corporate job to find “ Ultimate Peace “. It was a long struggle but at the end I could solve my puzzle.

Moving from one Ashram to the other from one GURU to the other. Completing a long list of Guru Shopping & Ashram Hoping for a few months I realized that all that I was searching Outside was actually inside. …

I have generated 100’s of creative ideas while meditating every day.

That’s a lot of out of the box ideas.

Many people ask me how silencing the Mind can create ideas.

And I am going to share my TOP SECRET — “Give a Pause to your Thoughts.”

I know many of you are already questioning, how could one Give a Pause to their Thoughts & still create ideas?

Let me tell you the exactly it works:-

1. Read, Research, Study

2. Create a BLUE PRINT in your mind

3. Pause to your Thoughts & Be in the NOW. The magic begins here — You forget about the doer & become the doing. So if you are walking your totally involved in the action of walking without any distractions. …

It is not different that many Philosophers, Creative Thinkers, Ceo’s have their life Rituals they practice daily.

It’s their Daily Ritual without which there is a lockdown in their creative juices. Finding an inspiring surrounding is essential for these creators. Without the right mental support or physical environment it boils down to being filled with boredom, Irritation or Getting Depressed easily.

I am sure many of us are facing such Blockage during this Pandemic.

The best time to reflect your artistic work comes in quite surrounding or in nature. …

I Love L.S.D being a Meditation Coach ;)

(Long Slow Deep) Breathing — The New Definition of L.S.D

If there’s one thing that disheartens me in Yoga Classes more than anything else, it’s — When students don’t get enough time for their breathing practice peacefully.

And in this post, I am going to share my best solution to make this easy , so students attending Yoga classes get immense benefits & solve their mind matters which are not always addressed in detail.

Everyone says that L.S.D is the BEST, but no one tells you “How” to do it.

Do you want to know how my version of L.S.D ( Long Slow Deep Breathing) Tastes? …

Do you know Why a Tortoise lives longer ?

Study says the average breathe of a tortoise is 3–4 per min. And an adult human takes 12–18 breaths per min. Essentially it means — “Breathe slowly to live Healthier”.

The common misconceptions about Pranayama which is nothing but conscious breathing ; It is meant for old people, Don’t we all breathe 24 * 7, It’s not a physical workout…etc.

But, in fact, it’s the absolute opposite.

What if i say that Conscious patterns of breathework can actually help regulate high blood pressure, food cravings, digestive complaints, hormonal imbalances, stress, poor immune system. …

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In recent studies, it has been shown that there has been a rise in the cases of depression, especially among the youth. The reason for such a drastic rise can include, lack of educational, financial and career growth, unhappy relationships and so on. A rise in lifestyle has also increased the expectations of people, due to which there are times when not all needs can be fulfilled. This triggers a lot of anxiety and stress which leads to depression.

Whether it’s a school going kid or a CEO of a company, every individual at some point is witnessing this stress. Another reason of depression is also isolation. There are people who suddenly isolate themselves, as they do not wish to interact with the outside world. There could be various reasons behind it like a sudden financial depreciation, a relationship failure or even rejection. This makes people who are highly sensitive to isolate themselves and at times, even get suicidal. Some also start taking drugs, alcohol or become chain smokers to calm themselves, as they feel its the best option to deal with current situation. …

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Meditation apart from being a trending word, it is much more deeper than we all can think. It deals with mind & assists us in altering the mind for our betterment. They question arises are we not good enough ? that we need alteration ?

In this soul journey we need to finish our karmas, follow our dharma & uplift others. Event the biggest CEO’s which i have conversed with after running for money they realize money , name fame is left behind but only uplifting others, balancing their karmas is left.

Meditation is that first step of being self aware we need healing, there can be some problem with us & it’s alright. But taking these meditative steps we tend to heal us our relationship, our envoirment as well.

Thank you


From software tech support engineer to Yoga & Healing it has been quite a journey for this Ronak Gajjar. Spiritualism and meditation inherited from his parents. Ronak has completed 1000 hours USA Yoga Alliance + of Teacher Training courses from various renowned institutes & yogashalas. Being an owner of Ronak Yoga Proprietorship firm ; His expertise is Meditation, Pranayama & Hatha yoga. Having taught around 3 Lakhs plus students in India & Internationally. He set the benchmark’s soaring by making it to the front page of Gulf News — Dubai’s leading news paper. He also represented India in the International Dubai Yoga Festival in 2016. A calm and poised personality; he is an easy going and an approachable teacher. …


Ronak Gajjar

Wellness Coach | Meditation Mentor | Lifestyle business strategist

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