It’s (Still) Alive

So.. i was sitting while listening to the now-old song. And suddenly some memories about this song was coming right away, so, i just type some URL of the website that i created while listening to this song and it comes to my surprise, it’s alive and functioning well.

I made this website for a girl that i really like back then, i had no guts to tell her that i like her, so i just pouring all of my feeling on this site.It’s still clear in my mind, i started this website on 27 April 2001 and i finished it on 29 April 2001. I was still at Junior High School at that time, i wasn’t a professional like i’m now, i didn’t even know how to write a code other than HTML code.

Oh gosh, this site brings back a lot of memories. And about the song, this the song that i meant.

The girl ? She stays in Australia now, with her sisters. And she found her soon to be husband already. And we are still friends now. Anyways, some years back while i was still at college, she found out about this website and she told me she was happy and surprised ☺.. Time really flies so fast.

Originally published at on March 16, 2015.

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