Andela Bootcamp Day 1

For you who have never heard of Andela, Andela is a fast rising start up in Africa that is trying to give an opportunity to the many brilliant minds in the continent to facilitate them in becoming world class developers.

So here I was on my first day there having undergone a rigorous interviewing process already pumped up to see what was next. We began the day with some warm up sessions to liven up the mood before we got down to business and they were amazing. This really helped me see how “Andelans” are, they are fun loving, brilliant individuals which was a different from the various companies I have been in.

After the warm up session we returned to the Dojo(The working areas) and the facilitators began introducing themselves and informing us on what was expected. By the lunch time we had learnt various things from test driven development to using git and were ready to face some challenges given to us to tackle in the evening.

After having an awesome lunch, let me repeat that in case it didn’t register, an awesome lunch we got down to business and tackled the problems given in the individually but with held from the facilitators and team members(we were divided into groups each with its own Andelan facilitator). They were not a piece of cake and this gave us a clear view of the tough road ahead. Having completed them I submitted them to GitHub and sent the repository link to my facilitator for evaluation.

That was the bootcamp clinic the bootcamp officially had started and we were given some challenges to submit daily by 4:30PM. Solving tis challenges have been one of the most difficult things I have experienced but it is a welcomed challenge and I hope to learn more from Andela.

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