Andela Bootcamp Day 3

This was the most challenging day so far. In one of our labs we were to implement a binary search class that had a function that contained the algorithm.

I always hear of google interviews where people are told to jot down various sort and search algorithms on paper and I have a new found respect for anyone who does this successfully. Doing it in an IDE is hard enough I wouldn’t even imagine how hard it is on paper. But i guess that is what is to be expected of a google interview.

For almost 24 hours I did my best to eliminate the errors raised by the test functions and at the end of the day I was successful and tired as hell. It was fun but challenging as well and if this represents how Andela is it would be great to join them and face this challenges and grow into the world class developer I always want to become.

We will attend another boot camp clinic at the end of the week and know who makes it to the next round next week. Wish me all the best :-)