Surveying my next laptop options
Boris Mann

For all the complaining us “professionals” are doing about Macs and how we are no longer being considered I think Apple knows exactly what they are doing. They are thinking about us. They know we are stuck with Macs for some time yet. They’ve played the game out — probably just like you did — and realize that once you factor in the cost of change and the investment in the ecosystem it all evens out. If you can wait you will and they are probably working on a few interesting things to lure you back in as they already pointed out. The Touchbar that is not getting any love will probably prove far more interesting than people think. It’s a bit arrogant to assume that Apple just “lost it”. They are cold-hearted game theorists and are optimizing their return on investment. They could have probably waited some and come out with the full range of options but this way works out best for them. Whining professionals will fall in line — as we always do.

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