Our inability to handle nuanced thought is destroying this planet.

Ronald Ashri
Feb 10, 2016 · 1 min read

I mean it. In every aspect of debate about how to manage any facet of our existence on this planet the pundits and the self-promotion experts have squeezed out every type of thinking that takes more than 15 seconds to explain. There is simply no space for nuanced, complex thought.

Everything has to be distilled in elevator pitches, 10 reasons to do Y, 5 ways to achieve X and the most amazing incredible stories ever that you will simply never believe.

Your company achieved growth by sending newsletters every third Tuesday at 3pm? “The best way to achieve growth through email”.

You wake up at 5am and work for 4 hours before meditating for 20 minutes? “The path to personal growth starts at 5am”.

Refugees are terrorists. Refugees are heroes. Conservatism is evil, liberalism is the worst thing ever (unless you mention Socialism). Climate change is a hoax, climate change is the impending apocalypse.

No space for reasoned, slow, complex, hard to grasp thought without clear outcomes or easy answers. Why are we capable of marvelling at this complex world and all that takes place within it, but cannot deal with the fact that understanding it is not easy.

Of course, in case you haven’t guessed it already, this article (nay rant) is yet another perfect example of the general lack of nuance. Reality just isn’t that clear cut.

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