For liberals, the million women match was a drill, doubt it? Where’s Occupy Wall Street today? Or the most recent movement that barely has a pulse today, Black Lives matter? Meanwhile the conservatives Tea party movement everywhere-they own all branches of government including their orange is the new black President Trump and have 33 governors out of the fifty states. Liberals are good at ‘fake’ outrage that they transform to award winning protests, where they expend so much energy and once the ultimate goal of going viral is achieved they are quick to reward themselves their kale shakes for a march well done then lull themselves to complacency.

One thing that liberals get consistently right is a knack for developing catchphrases that quickly became popular slogans from “Occupy Wall Street” to “Black Lives Matter”- These slogans definitely generated much needed national discussion. Slogans alone, however, are a poor substitute for actual reforms. Discussions are just that, discussions. Discussions are not actions. There’s no denying that these movements generated publicity. Nonetheless, publicity without a focused purpose, other than 15 minutes of fame, is meaningless. Publicity for the sake of publicity accomplishes nothing. The lack of focused purpose resulted into their demise and the messages being co-opted. Occupy Wall Street became rich bad/ poor good which puttered into a class warfare instead of pushing for equality and fairness for all through reasonable taxation and regulation. Black lives matter was first co-opted into Blue lives matter, and then detoured to All lives matter. Meanwhile the tea baggers created ‘fake news’ that articulated their demands to consistently invigorate their base while keeping their eyes focused on elections dates also known as boring by liberals. By the time the elections were done, they sent 63 congressmen to Washington in an off election year (who votes in the midterms anyway?) to advocate and legislate its small government, less taxes agenda. In the election that just passed liberals complained that their candidate was too corrupt and sat at home while tea baggers simply said “cover your nose and vote”- they now hold the majority in all seats of government, which also allow them to shape the Supreme Court.

In two years when the mid terms roll up the liberals will be on a hiking trip wearing their “pussy hats” drinking kale shakes or getting high on weed while counting on the people they motivated at the million women march to vote plus retweeting photo’s from the historic women’s match, meanwhile these deplorable meth slinging tea baggers will be wearing their nearly faded made in china “Make America Great Again” caps waiting to cast their ballot. It’s not a drill for these conservative tea baggers.