8 Recommendations for Meet Me Rooms

The engine room of Data Centres

Meet Me Rooms in data centres are separate partitioned areas where telecommunications operators and Internet service providers host their equipment and cross connect their services to clients. There are some basic guidelines and recommendations for these areas and some are listed below:

  1. The Meet Me rooms should be located on opposite ends of the data hall.
  2. The Meet Me rooms connected to man holes in the street that provide the service from the telecommunications operators. The man holes should preferably be located on different streets and at least 25m apart. The paths from the manholes to the Meet Me rooms should be separate paths that do not share any common trunking. And if it transverses an area such as a car park, it should be armoured. These paths should not transverse service areas such as the electrical switching rooms, battery rooms or other electrical or mechanical rooms. These cables need to be tagged every 5m.
  3. Network cabling should not share trays with power cables.
  4. The racks in the Meet Me rooms should be standard telco racks with no doors or side panels. Its telco equipment and not servers! Each visit should be escorted so the requirement to lock racks is mute.
  5. All equipment must be earthed not just the rack or the floor.
  6. Label all cables and document the frames using diagrams.
  7. Have all operators sign a MOA around provisioning in the data centre and double check after each install and scheduled maintenance visit that the quality has not been compromised.
  8. Limit the use of copper to the essential.