This past few days we are tasked to interview different artists with different career and talents.I chose this three very talented artist.And they are:Mrs.Maribeth Nicadao,Food tech, Mr. Bayani “Yannie” Rumbaoa the first ever Filipino Coin Engraver of BSP. And Mr. Bing Basit a Photographer because they inspire people to create their own masterpiece

Artist have different talent and skills. But they have similarities, They inspire people using art.And they create unique things.Their differences is they have different kind of skills and talent and they have different motivation in creating masterpiece

These artists help a lot in the society in their own way by their creativeness, they make the people around them happy and inspired at the same time. They also make people understand what art truly is, and for that we should be proud of them.

This three artists are very hardworking with their masterpiece.I wish one day I would have my own masterpiece and be inspiration to other people