On Your Way to the Camps, I Just Want You to Know…
Aaron Loeb

Voting for the “lesser evil” is bad for democracy, because it lets people who do not represent us, “represent us”

The reality is that we have an unique opportunity to change the direction of this country. If you want to stop some Wars, a vote for any Republican or Democrat is a wasted vote.

Americans, real Americans, it’s time to rise up and seize the power. 
The Democrats are split into Hillary and Never Hillary.
The Republicans are split between Trump and No Trump,

It’s time to take back America. With the Democrats and the Republicans both split, there is no guarantee, which way this election could go.

Third Parties have the best chance in decades to once again become part of the problem instead of the bystanders.
For those who still understand mathematics
1/2 of republicans + 1/2 the Democrats plus 1/2 the Americans that vote third party or don’t vote = A HUGE Majority.

The first thing any of us can do is vote. The year 2016 elections are on the horizon,. political hopefuls are already spent millions and millions of dollars, for the sole purpose of brainwashing you into believing, either that they are the person whom will “represent” you best, or that your opinions are so inconsequential, that you shouldn’t bother to vote! If you are pissed off at the government, if you realize that the government has taken the position that “we the people” are the enemies of the state, all criminals just waiting to be caught, processed and dealt with…

Time to vote for Real Changes…

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