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The average price of electricity in the USA is about 12 cents in Germany it is 35 cents and Denmark 41 cents. I don’t think that I would enjoy paying Denmark’s prices for electricity. In the USA, companies decide what is the correct means of generating electricity at affordable prices and they opt for things that will provide 24 hour availability of the source. Solar and Wind are working for providing electricity when they can actually operate. They cannot be depended on to be the prime source of electric generation, so they can be used to supplement Natural Gas, Nuclear, and Coal.

The Palo Verde power plant in Arizona supplies much of the power consumed in Arizona. It has been in operation for 20 years and Phoenix and environs could not be habitable without nuclear power. There are 440 nuclear plants in 31 countries with 65 under construction. Nuclear will be with us well into the future and may show up in a different format, but it is economical for 24 hour operation.

I’m sure we will always be looking for safe new ways to generate electricity. We have to keep all options in play so that we can have a stable 24 hour supply of electricity well into the future. In Phoenix Arizona we have rarely had long term lack of availability of electricity. Our Automobile gas supply has been very good with affordable prices. Higher MPG of our vehicles and electric vehicles are helping to moderate the price of gas for our vehicles.