(Why) The Resistance is Losing
umair haque

The horrible situation that we are in now is the fact that this countryies population has increased from 300 million in 2000 to 340 million in 2017. Where is the housing for the extra 40 million people many of whom are lower income. New housing today in most cities around America is probably $1000 and up for 1000 square feet for a rental. The $1000 is probably way too low for places like Los Angels, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and, and many other localities around the country. Most of these big cities try as they might are unable to come up with a solution to making their cities affordable. Some of them are fully in support of $15 an hour minimum wage which is a linchpin for more automation. Companies are waiting in the wings to come up with viable solutions to to help alleviate this problem.

Many cities try rent control which will eventually backfire on them. Many new buildings are built with units that will sell or rent for market prices, but as a sop to local government have to include units below market prices. Unfortunately this is usually too small of concession to make much of a dent in high cost housing.

Looking at other countries that have excessive populations, we can see how much poorer their living standards become. Countries can only be successful when the poorer segment of the population are very small. When you have 25 to 40% of your population that are not self sufficient, then you have to draw extra money from the wealthier citizens and when that gets to be intolerable to the ones being excessively taxed, they can just move on to more favorable locales. We just have to look at Detroit a city that was once very successful and now it down at he heels as far as any city can likely go without shutting down.

I hope that I am long gone when kicking the can down the street finally catches up with residents and threatens to literally destroy their life styles. Democrats want to depend on wealthier citizens somewhere to help to resolve their financial difficulties until they become something like Greece or Venezuela that are treading rough financial seas and are always in danger of capsizing.

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