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Well nothing much has happened in the past 100 years, so guess most people don’t expect much to happen anytime soon. They are probably glad that they would be affected by the solar minimum and the fact that northern climates might suffer a mini ice age. Climate that contrary to the alarmist is something that we may not have much effect on. It is easy to point to everything that happens as caused by climate change whether it is or not. Blaming something that they don’t understand on something else is what they have been doing for the past few centuries. Of course politicians were behind the curve back in 1600 and they were quite sure if they could tax away the little ice age that occurred in Europe or not. I guess at the time they were just trying to find a way to warm up. We have been very fortunately to have a moderate climate in much of the world over the past several hundred years. However there was at least one time maybe many more when vast portions of the American Midwest was under a mile or more of ice. The fact that this not what is happening now is not due to any climate scientist. We are just in a cycle that is supposedly well away from that. In fact many of the climate models that show activity over millions of years points to the earth as being a much colder place than it is now, but it tends to cycle though these different climate eras on a regular basis.

Just what is the Political Plan if we start heading into a mini ice age today, although most of the climate alarmist don’t even have that on their radar. With 7 Billion people currently on the earth, that is an almost impossible thing to comprehend. Focusing on 3 to 10 years of the earths climate in not necessarily indicative of where it has been and where it is going. Nobody in the world is going to be lowering their Co2 anytime soon contrary to what the alarmists indicating it will happen. The Science is not settled. A consensus is not the way you solve any Scientific Question. You have to be able to actually test it and verify it. Even Einsteins Relativity theory took a long time before portions of it were actually proven to be relatively true. There are no sure things in Science and things must be proven to be accepted.

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