Apple Has Lost Its Charm
Noah Halford

When I buy a product, I want to see how much good it will do for me and if it has what I want in a Product. I have used Microsoft’s Windows computers since 1984, and my first computer was made by the company that I worked for at the time, Sperry, who sold them to their workers and also the general public. Looking back from 2017, my first computer could now be used as a Boat Anchor since it was so underpowered and it’s cost about $2700 was outrageous in todays computer economy. I loved having it, since before that everything I did had to be done with a typewriter. My first computer could do some things, but not much. Fast forward to 2016 and I bought an HP computer with an i7 6700 processor and 24 gig of ram and a 128 Gig SSD.

A year and a half later, I still have it working great, but the 128 gig SSD in retrospect turned out to be too small, so have a 500 gig Samsung SSD to install in place of the 128 gig. The computer that I have now is the best one that I have ever owned and should keep going for many years into the future.

I am afraid that I don’t have any fond memories of the early days of computers, but rather focus on the new ones that will be out in the next few years. I have never owned many Apple based products except for i Pods from early 2000s. Can’t remember when I they were purchased by still use one on a radio/i pod device in my bathroom. Trying to change the music selection in an i Pod was a fairly difficult task, but it is extremely easy in a thumb drive. Life keeps going on, and for me forgetting the past and focusing on the future is where I prefer to put my focus. Since Windows computers are really easy to use after you get them set up, it has been my computer of choice for all of my computing life.

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