The Kids are Socialists Because Capitalism is Dickslapping the Planet
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Without Capitalism, you would still be walking around in home made clothes and shoes and living in a home made domicile. You probably would not have a job and you certainly would not have a car at your beck and call. You would be eating the food that you can grow in your home garden and heating your domicile with the wood that you chopped from nearby trees until they run out. In the summer, you would have to suffer the tremendous heat out there and if you roof leaked in the Summer Storms, you would have to fix it yourself or try to swap with nearby neighbors. If you got a 3 foot snow fall, not to worry since it would melt eventually, and in the mean time you would have to go to your root cellar to get the food you preserved and melt the snow over you fire to to get drinking water and water to cook with and bathe. You probably would not live in a city since they did not exist before capitalism. Of course you would have less people to worry about since so many have died from the diseases that have plagued the world over the millennia. In fact you might find that your best place to lodge is in a cave except for the hostile animals or insects that you might find there.

Without Capitalism, Good Luck!!!!!!

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