NYPD Bracing For “Historic, Euphoric Crowds” On Day Trump Resigns
Allan Ishac

You must have been high on something when you wrote the article. Wishing won’t make it so, so you have to be ready to see Trump return in 2024 after his second term. I doubt very much that these Liberal Lynch mobs composed by out of work Liberal Lunatics will ever make a dent in Trump’s support. I was born in 1933 and graduated from HS in 1951 so I have been around for quite a while. I was thinking the other day about the amount of years from 1776 to 2017 and that is 241 years. 241 years from 2017 will be 2258! Do you supposed that this country can survive for 241 more years? We have a $20 Trillion national debt in 2017. How much do you suppose it will be in 2258? I won’t be here and neither will you or anyone else alive now just like none of the people living in 1776 is alive today. We can be thankful that even with all the ups and downs over that period that up to the year 2000 when we had about $2 Trillion in debt which would be manageable. Trump is probably the only politician out there today who wants to see the country prosper and the yearly deficit drop to $0 and maybe be able to pay off the horrendous debt that has been incurred. If the Americans alive in 2258 inherit a government that can keep them safe and not drown them in taxes trying to pay for the excesses of the 21st century and beyond then they can be very thankful.