After contemplating suicide
Ben French

Suicide is not the answer per se, unless you take the Christian route to suicide: die to self and be re-born anew. God wants you dead. The you that you hate. The you that you despise. The you that does unnatural acts. You want him dead too. The death to self (first Adam race) and re-birth to new life (2nd Adam race, God-men) is found in Jesus Christ. All mankind really wants is God. Everything is found in Him. He is the one who makes you new again. You can be a new man, a god-man, a son-of-God, by being born again. By believing John 3:16. Be receiving Jesus Christ. By receiving baptism to die and rise again spiritually. By receiving the Holy Spirit inside of you to be with you forever. To be able to cry out from your innermost being “Abba, Father” (Daddy! Papa!) that you are a Son of God. You have a choice. It's yours to make. But don’t be deceived that you make all your choices freely. You can make this choice (believe) and the ongoing choices (be discipled) to change your mind about the life (or death) you now live. Even Satan cannot stop you making this choice if you cry out to God. Will you look to Jesus Christ? Will you believe the good news? Will you believe in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ? Will you believe and identify with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior? Will you see yourself as who you truly were meant to be in Christ? Suicide is the answer, but not as you supposed. Why gamble with eternity? Why not seek the One who can set you free? He is the only answer.