Ronald Jackson
Oct 11, 2019 · 3 min read

Before You Purchase: 3D Camo Considerations

3D camo isn’t terribly expensive, but as with all equipment, the mileage may vary based on the character of the suit. Consider these tips below to make sure you purchase the best 3D leafy camo for your type of hunting.

  • Sold as a Set or Separately: Some camouflage suits are offered individually as coats and pants. Apparently, this can significantly increase the overall cost needed for concealment gear. Some bowhunters are happy enough with only a 3D camo coat, as some pants have a tendency to grab and pull underbrush. A coat only also makes sense when hunting from a tree stand, as your upper body is doing the majority of the movement.
  • Zipped Legs: If you purchase a pair with pants, ensure that the legs have knee high zippers. It makes pulling them boots and outerwear so much simpler. Elastic ankles and arms will also be good to keep the pests from becoming in.
  • Breathable Materials: Appears for suits made with a 4-oz polyester mesh foundation. The net is lightweight and breathable so you can wear it on your typical outerwear layers depending on the season. The 3D foliage is stitched to the mesh foundation giving it the lifelike look
  • Bonus Features: Search for additional features like cargo pockets, hoods, boonies, and zippered jacket pockets. Some high-end 3D camo has built in insect repellent, which is an important bonus if you have ever dealt with mosquitos, ticks, and chiggers whilst in the bush. Other inventions include silent fabric technologies and colour change cloths that adapt to the exterior temperatures.
  • Safety Concerns: as a 3D camo suit can elevate your concealment to wildlife, in addition, it becomes harder to be observed by other hunters. This can pose a clear security concern, particularly during archery season. Most states don’t have a Blaze Orange requirement for bow season. When there are blaze orange camo patterns, they don’t have the 3D break up effect. 1 firm below has a patented 3D Blaze Orange lawsuit that solves this issue.

Best 3D Leafy Camo Suits

Now we know what to look for in a camo suit, and what the costs ranges are, it’ll be helpful to review some high recommended 3D camo in more depth. See what camo patterns can be found, and which features we like best.

See3D Blaze Orange Leafy Camo

Image for post
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  • Patterns: Blaze Orange (True Timber base)
  • What we Like: Complex 3D Blaze Orange pattern. Lifelike leaf cut.
  • What we Do Not: Doesn’t (yet) meet all countries blaze orange requirements.

More Information

See3D is the first company to make a leafy camo suit in a blaze orange pattern. The company founders, a father and son duo in Vermont, saw a gap in the market when they went searching for safer 3D camo clothing. Not finding anything, they took the initiative and devised their own. The end result is that the See3D Blaze Orange 3D camo suit. The suit is a lightweight jacket and pants set that can be worn over your hunting clothing. The most important layer is a NoSeeUm mesh, with polyester leaves.

The base color is blaze orange, with the proven TrueTimber MC2 Blaze Orange pattern. The cut of the leaves is extremely fine, with a pointier cut into the leaf edges that’s extremely realistic. If you take your security seriously, the concept behind See3D produces a good deal of sense. Not only do you get the advantage of thickness and summarize break up to hide from wildlife, but you will be viewed by other hunters. Combining the most current in leafy camo and the security of blaze orange is a win-win situation.

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