The Importance of Fire Safety at Workplaces

Every year, thousands of lives are lost due to fire hazards. To prevent this, companies should invest in fire prevention measures like installing fire extinguishing equipment and train their employees. Fire hazards are slowly becoming a leading cause for not only loss of life but damage to property as well. Companies can purchase fire equipment or get their staff trained from PRE.

According to the Fire Protection Association, about 30% of accidental deaths were caused due to fire hazards in 2015 (Fire Protection Association, 2016).

If a company owns or manages a commercial property, it is their responsibility to protect everyone who lives in, works within or visits the building from the threat of fire as far as possible. This involves assessing the risks and possible hazards that might occur in the environment and then installing fire safety measures accordingly.

Here are a few tips that companies can use that might help prevent any fire hazards or help save lives during a fire:

Smoking Areas

Cigarettes can often lead to fire hazards due to improper disposal of cigarette butts. Hence, it is advised that companies restrict smoking to certain areas only. If one smokes indoors, there is a higher chance of a fire hazard due to exposed electronics and limited ventilation.

Evacuation Plan

Prevention is better than cure. It is always advised that companies have a proper utrymningsplan plan if a fire does occur. This includes a systematic manner of exiting the premise. Companies should have a secured exit and appoint trained leaders to help employees and other visitors out of the building or premise.

Cautionary Signs

Most fire hazards are generally caused to accidents (Fire Protection Association, 2016). To avoid such accidents, companies could invest in cautionary signs. These signs could help employees be more cautious and give them more knowledge. Companies should have signs like hazardous signs, utrymningsskyltar and others.

Train Employees

Generally, in emergency and stressful situations, an immediate response is required. Due to this, even after careful explanation of evacuation plans, chaos among employees is created. However, fire safety experts believe that training, knowledge and practical experience can help to prepare employees to deal with fire (Fire Protection Association, 2016). Hence, it is advised that companies invest in brandskyddsutbildning for their employees.

There are many companies in Sweden from where fire equipment can be purchased, one of them is PRE. This company can also help companies train their staff for fire hazards.