16 years ago, I have read a book mentioning Amazon to become the leading retailer in the world…

Last Sunday (or 16 years later), I checked out my bookshelves and found my old book I bought in Borders Bookstore in Torrance, California in 2001 . I opened it, browsed the pages and stopped on what the author says about the 2020s.

Before Facebook was invented, and Napster was only 2 years old from its official inception, the author already predicted what we are digitally experiencing today. Needless to add that in 2001, iPhone was not even in the air of our own imagination.

The author predicted what will Amazon become before the 2020s. The recent tech and retail news about Amazon buying Whole Foods may be a threat to other leading retailers including Walmart and CVS.

The global bandwidth requirements to deliver the music and video content were seen to be the focus, as mentioned. Today the video streaming services we enjoy are placed into plenty of options including Netflix, HBO Now, Apple TV or your little box at home. Recently, I have read that Sean Parker wants to bring new movies to your living room by renting them from Hollywood.

The way we transact banking has also changed. People use the Internet to pay utility bills and to transfer money. I do stock trading online. Many countries today are aggressive in building their FinTech infrastructure and ecosystem. Bitcoin and Blockchain were never heard in 2001.

Therefore, the present economy was expected to be built on connectivity. It is how every government leader prepared its nation to initiate the infrastructure. It is also how the business leaders should have quickly transformed to embrace the digital culture. The individuals to adopt and follow.