Daily Deals in Dubai Why shopping sites Doing this ?

Hello friends, I am Ronald, from Dubai, UAE. I am an online shopping addict.I have been shopping online for more than five years. I can’t believe that I am now shopping each end every product online. Not only me my friends too.

Dubai is a wonderful place for shopping and empty your pocket. I mean it. while you go for shopping in a city like Dubai, you definitely need a credit card which has high credit limit. else you are going to be ashamed in front of others. Because the you can expect an unexpected amount in that bill. It happens to me once. While I gone for shopping with one of my friend. in front of the shop I have seen Nike shoes 60% discounts. I went to the shop and got one. But they charged the price mentioned on that package :( The reason for that is the discounts was only available for certain models. At last I had to pay the full amount. on that day onward I have started to hate those branded shops. no I only purchase from online shopping sites in UAE. Most of them are providing great service and good offers. If you want to find out the best deals in dubai just search on google . You will get a lots of site. Read reviews on the bottom of the products. You cannot get user feed back on a local store. What people normally do is they will search online and find out the best product and go to local shop and purchase it. why don’t you shop it online as you research it. Any way. I am happy with online shopping and their offers.

We haven't discussed the topic yet. I know. the reason for providing the daily deals in dubai is to attract more customers online. They can provide products for much cheaper cost than the local seller as they are directly purchasing the product from vendor. The local shop owner will have a distributor to get the product to him. So by all means the product price will increase in local shop because of this agents in between the buyer and seller. In online you can have the product with one mediator that’s the website.

Then Why big brands are not providing Discounts on their website

Who Said Big brands are not providing offers. They do provide offers but not for the buyer. They are providing offers for their sellers. They need to keep their supply chain strong. if they are selling the products cheaper than their agents no one will buy the products from agents. so agents will stop promoting those brands with low commission and income. So big brands do no directly provide offers to their customers. They do it via this local sellers. However providing this offer to the customers solely under the local sellers discretion.

Online shopping websites are providing these offers to the customers. Because they can get more customers from entire country. This is not the case of local shop owners. This is why online shopping sites are better than Local shopping…

Hope you Enjoyed this.