Morton County Sheriff’s Department relaunches Facebook, criticizes Veterans for Standing Rock
Alex Rubinstein

Those officers I’m sure received training with regard to Use of Force O.C, C.S gas , flash bangs riot batons shields and rubber bullets. If done illegally results in being prosecuted for a felony.

Then lie about that use of force. Who investigated the wrong doing of these officers? why the same people and leadership demanding the removal of water protectors.

Then bring in your own veterans claiming special privilege of knowing what's going on in their own state.

Nothing has been said about the man camps working near a reservation to the east where women and children are victims of oil. kidnapping, rape and prostitution and not just the American Indian, Except by Tribal Law Enforcement who have to deal with the complaints, everyone's getting paid so you just keep that quiet

The activity I see is done when prisoners in prison riot is that what these officers are? corrections officers?

Indians are off the reservation so how do you control that? by treating them like they are disgruntled prisoners? who are rioting? They belong on the reservation. and probably are violating laws over a hundred years old.

A people, being victimized that have been historically quiet about that victimization finally are stepping up and demanding better. you as veteran also must have condoned the wounded knee streamer which was labeled a victory on the U.S Army’s flag a flag of shame for killing a people that were starving cold and mostly women and children. The countless other streamers for massacres at other locations.

The next slap in the face is when the U.S named Osama Bin Laden

Geronimo guess that’s ok too

This is nothing new Mr. veteran I’m a veteran too. you… I think, only see what you want to see. I on the other hand see the acquisition of property that still remains treaty lands. its only so because the courts refuse to return it. Which means you’re done talking about it until someone wants to actually defend what is considered or was considered the law of the land. even though it was reneged upon. The new argument is that tribes never attended the meetings to allow this project.

This could all go away but people like you lie to rationalize that its ok to take what was never yours in the first place.

Those officers that lie while utilizing force are no longer officers in my book

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