Hackers Stole My Website…And I Pulled Off A $30,000 Sting Operation To Get It Back
Jordan Reid

Password wise, if it’s based off a chunk of text your can find on the web, it’s not secure. If it’s random, and 8 or fewer characters, it can be brute forced, no matter how well hashed. Smarter people than you have devoted years of their lives to figuring out how you might mangle words into passwords, you are not going to come up with something that isn’t in a cracker.

Use two factor authentication, and you can use it with Lastpass too.

Install Lastpass (or the like), generate two passwords, one for Lastpass, one for the email service that you use only for account recovery. Memorize those (writing them down isn’t bad, just don’t make it too obvious, mine are in a notebook filled with all manner of notes, drawings, etc, and while they might make you think they are a pw, there is nothing to call attention to them, or that page, or link them to anything, so I think it’s secure enough for a backup.

Lastly, think about continuity, what if you forget them, or are injured or dead, can who you want recover the information?

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