Ready or Not, Here He Comes

My wife goes in for her c-section tomorrow, which makes today the last day of pre-baby life. After tomorrow, everything will be completely different. We’re physically ready — the nursery is set up, we’re stocked up on diapers, and my wife and my baby’s bags are packed for the hospital. All we need is the baby.

Emotionally, I’m not really sure how I feel. The past few weeks have been busy for my wife and I, and we’ve both been kind of null about the baby. We were just counting down the days until he came. Now that the day has finally arrived, I feel anxious. Am I ready to be a father? Do I have what it takes? What if I fuck it all up? None of that matters at this point. The baby is coming, and I better get ready. Fortunately, everyone I talk to says once you see your baby, Dad Gene kicks in. We’ll see if that’s true or not.

T-minus 24 hours until baby time (shoot, less than that!).

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