Sobriety and Fatherhood

When I was single, I used to get drunk a lot. Not just with friends on weekends, but alone on a Tuesday night. Nothing makes solitude more entertaining than a good buzz. While the hangovers sucked, the pain was a reminder that I was still alive. It got to the point where I was probably a high-functioning alcoholic.

I cut back on drinking when I met my now-wife. Being messed up all the time is a bad look when you’re trying to show someone you’re marriage material. Plus, with her in my life, I no longer needed booze to keep me company. We both stopped drinking completely when we started trying to have a baby. Apparently alcohol can inhibit sperm production and conception. I mean, I know a lot of babies have been made because of alcohol, but my wife and I are both older and wanted to increase the odds as much as we could.

Even after my wife got pregnant, I still didn’t drink much. My tolerance has gone down to where a beer or two has me on my ass. I get Asian glow and feel like shit both during and after the buzz. The fun of alcohol has mostly worn off. Not only that, but each time I’m buzzed, I think, “What if my wife goes into labor right now?” Ubering to the hospital is a bad look. So is having her drive while I sit in the passenger seat red-faced and trying to sober up. Would they still let me cut the umbilical cord if I was a bit tipsy?

Being a dad means being ready. Cutting back on booze is a small sacrifice to make so that my wife and baby always get me at my best. That’s what happens when we get older. We stop getting krunk and start getting responsible. This isn’t to say I’m not having a great time anymore. I love my life and am having fun everyday. I just don’t need booze to make merry.

Now I can’t wait for the baby to get here so we can have even more fun.