5 Leadership Lessons To Learn from Paw Patrol

Rodrigo Nascimento
Jan 4 · 3 min read
Paw Patrol Lessons
Paw Patrol Lessons

For those who found the theme I chose for this article strange, I explain, I am a recent father of two baby boys, and like most parents today, I became a spectator of Paw Patrol.

And for those who have never watched, Paw Patrol is a cartoon in which puppies are heroes who are always available to save Adventure Bay residents from all kinds of trouble. And nothing is nicer for a child than seeing dogs talking and saving the day, right?

However, like everything that involves my children, I was observing what kind of messages the cartoon can bring.

The patrol is led by a human named Ryder who gives us some lessons on how to manage a team:

Recruitment Excellence: Perhaps the most important of Ryder’s qualities is being an excellent recruiter. The team has a huge diversity of characteristics and the puppies complement each other. Just like in a company, it’s no use having 10 great professionals if they don’t have the skill bundle you need.

Recognizing (and rewarding) the team: It is common in Paw Patrol episodes to see Ryder praising the puppies, saying they did a great job and … rewarding the dogs with biscuits, leisure time and even vacations. Unfortunately many leaders are swallowed up by routine and forget to recognize and reward people. The problem is that one of the things that motivate the human being is recognition.

Lead by example: Rayder is not an authoritarian dictator. He conquers his team for his actions. He works actively on missions, he understands each situation and knows how each member can perform on each mission. Obviously the situation can often require an authoritarian leader, but talking about most corporate environments I’ve had contact with, the horizontal leader is more likely to succeed than the vertical one

Identify a leader in the team: The patrol is led by Ryder, but even without having any superpower, one of the puppies is the team’s natural leader. Chase is always ahead and is almost what we might call the “missions technical leader” . This kind of profile is essential in a team, a person who can be” one of them “and at the same time have an interesting profile for leadership.

Knows how to synthesize and make it simple: Ryder gets calls from people who tell mind-blowing stories about the circumstances that make them need Paw Patrol. Ryder always calls the team to explain very didactically and very simply everything that involves the mission (in the cartoon he even uses drawings on a big screen). When we look at the corporate world, few people know how to synthesize. Many leaders like to make something complicated

And that is all!

See how we can find good examples from the most unexpected sources when we are willing to grow. I hope you enjoyed

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