Photo Showdown: iPhone 5s vs iPhone 6s

After standing in line outside an Apple Store today, I went home with an attractive new iPhone 6s. It replaces my trusty iPhone 5s, which I’ve been telling people I was perfectly happy using. All that changed once I started taking pictures.

To put my new phone to the test, my wife and I walked around Green Lake and shot these side-by-side photos using an iPhone 5s and an iPhone 6s.

Picture after picture, the iPhone 6s’s 12 megapixel camera outperforms the iPhone 5s’s measly 8 megapixel camera. No surprises, of course, but you really need to see it to understand it.

iPhone 6s — 3024 x 3024px, iPhone 5s — 2448 x 2448px.

I prefer to shoot with the square aspect ratio, and I was pleased to find the iPhone 6s shot images almost 25% larger than my iPhone 5s. The tradeoff is that image filesizes often become larger. In my personal collection here, some image filesizes were identical, while others were as far apart as 0.9MB. Given the quality of the images from iPhone 6s, I think it’s worth it.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’m sort of a nut about taking photos of this lake, so this will be a big help.

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