My First Month Blogging — Let’s Crunch The Numbers

On Tuesday the 5th of July 2016 I launched my website and blog A virtual learning environment for job seekers and switchers. The first of July was a Friday and I wanted to launch fresh on a Monday, however the following Monday was the 4th of July and any online announcement of my site would surely be crushed by endless U.S Independence Day updates through various social media feeds. So, Tuesday the 5th it was. Here’s how the month went.

I needed to tell the world how hard I had been working and how proud I was of what I had done. I think we all feel the need to do this after we make a sacrifice — in my case time and relaxation. My background was not technical. I got my ECDL when I was 15, like many others, I can use Microsoft office up to a certain point. I didn’t do anything tech related in college (had I known what my future passion would be, I should have). I guess hindsight really is 20–20.

Many, many late nights in my tiny, box room “man cave” at home lead to the creation of my vision and my website. I had gained certain skills over the past few years particularly helping friends and colleagues to write CV’s/Resumes and cover letters to help them find and apply for the jobs they wanted. And it was successful more often than not. I helped people apply for jobs and prepare for their interviews, etc. etc. It worked.

So I wanted to share the methods I use with a reach further than my own personal circle. And thus the blog was born. I also built a small course to help people (I later learned that a course was nowhere near ready to launch — so I took it down). I have a couple of product ideas coming up but for month 1, I’m testing the water with blogging.



After I posted the initial introduction to what I had made on Facebook, 95 people liked the Facebook page and the post itself was flooded with congratulations and well wishes. Thank you.



I decided to announce it a little bit differently on LinkedIn. I simply posted something to the tune of: “Here’s a site I have spent a great deal of time on recently — Please follow it here on LinkedIn” (I have a company page set up, which took a while). The response I got was not the same as Facebook — There was ZERO engagement. Maybe it was an organic reach issue if you know what I mean, or maybe it just was completely uninteresting. Anyway, some friends, some colleagues and some former educators followed which lead to a grand total of 34 LinkedIn followers in month 1. I appreciate every one of you.



Twitter went well, 54 followers. Maybe not a big deal to some, but to me it’s massive. Every follower, regardless of social medium is another person that I can help or at least entertain and maybe spark something in their mind to help them in their job hunt.


The Numbers

I published 6 blog posts and set up a free LinkedIn “Dos & Don’ts eBook” as a free download to help people optimize their profiles. As for traffic I had over 900 users, 5,000 page views and over 1,200 sessions. The single most important thing to me is that when you come to the blog you enjoy it & engage with it. Then if you sign up to be part of the Careerwhip community, I’ve succeeded.

My focus for month 2 is really to work on ranking organically in Google and dishing out more and more value to my blog readers.