Why we need friends in our life?

A couple years ago, I met a stranger on my way to home, who was short with black skin. Honestly speaking, I was shocked a little when I first saw him for his face. Because you know my generation was told that keep vigilant for others, especially to stranger. The man stare at me and said:hello, can you understand me? I mean I met a little trouble here and nobody are willing to help to cause my surface would make people uncomfortable. They even ignore me without any respect. You are the only one who choose stay with me and care what I said. So thank you. I really shocked for that and I was lost in thought.

As time goes by, we became closer than before. I always chat with him and he got a easy job here, which was repair shoes for others. We became close friend and for a comprehensive process.

She lost him but she found herself somehow that is everything.

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