English tips for Brazilians: Connectors

First off, I’m not a teacher neither an expert in English. I work for a multinational company so speaking English is critical for my work activities. I just want to share with you some tips that I have learned.

Do you know CONNECTORS? Connectors are words (or conjunctions) used to join two phrases, doing a relationship between them. A sample in Portuguese: portanto, logo, pois, como, mas, e, embora, porque, entretanto. Here you can see a list of some connectors that you can use:

and = e
in addition = alem disso
furthermore = alem disso
besides = alem disso
moreover = alem disso
as well as = tambem, assim como, bem como
also = tambem
apart from = com exceção de
both… and = ambos, tanto… como
not only… but also = nao apenas… mas tb

but = mas
however = entretanto
nevertheless = não obstante
yet = entretanto, ainda
nonetheless = não obstante
despite that = apesar de
in spite of = apesar de
although = embora
even thought = embora
thought = embora
raster than = em vez de
instead of = em vez de
Whereas, meanwhile = enquanto
On the other hand

in order to = a fim de
so as so = de modo que

therefore = portanto
consequently = consequentemente
accordingly = de acordo
fence = pois, entao, dai
as a result = consequentemente
thus = assim
Thereby: because of, or by means of, what has just been mentioned
The diet makes the blood less sticky, thereby helping to prevent heart disease.
so = entao, pois
then = entao
finally = finalmente
Otherwise= de resto
In summary
To sum up
To conclude
In conclusion

otherwise = por outro lado
or = ou
or else = ou entao, ou ainda
either… or = ou… ou
whereas = enquanto
while = enquanto
whilst= enquanto

because = porque
due to = devido a
as = porque
since = uma vez que
In order to
So as not to
So that
The wordy expression due to the fact that should be replaced by because or since.

perhaps = talvez
maybe = talvez
possibly = possivelmente

that is = isto é
in other words = em outras palavras
in short = em resumo
in brief = em resumo
that is to say = quer dizer
i. e. = isto é

like = como
than = do que
as = como

e.g. = por exemplo
for instance = por exemplo
for example = por exemplo
such as = tal como
namely = a saber
viz = quer dizer

if = se
unless = se nao, a menos que
provided that = uma vez que, se
on condition that = desde que
as long as = uma vez que
subject to = sujeito a
whether = e
as = enquanto
as = quando