by ronatory

Photo Credit: Vladimir Kudinov
Without question, we live in the most distracted time in human history. — Benjamin P. Hardy

To continue the quote from above It is almost impossible to remain focused on a single-task for more than few minutes at a time.

These sentences are from Benjamin P. Hardy’s story If It Doesn’t Suck, It’s Not Worth Doing.

I will add something to this. I think it is almost impossible to remain focused on a single-moment for more than few minutes at a time.

With moment I mean for example enjoying a dinner with someone, watching a movie or talking to someone etc.

We are living in a world today where staying focus, being in the moment and paying attention are few of the most important skills, we can have in my opinion.

Just think about it a few seconds. About the last day, about the last week, about the last month how many things you started work on or started watching/listening or started talking to someone and how many times it happened when you started doing some of these things, something like your phone distracted you with a notification, vibration or a sound. I mean just as you read this story, try to pay attention, how many times you are distracted by other apps or how many times you get distracted by some sounds or by someone who wants to talk to you.

How long did you looked at the post image of this story, because you saw so many details of it. Is this a pool at the bottom window row?

How many times you get really things done in the estimated time you’ve planned? Even the small things like buying something or finishing an assignment, response to an email, etc.

While traveling, being abroad, being out of my comfort zone or whatever you want to call it, for a longer time now (will write about my travel experience in another story) I recognized something and I just wanted to write about it to remind myself and to share my thoughts about it — distraction.

Especially how mobile phones (not only smartphones, I mean also just cellphones, where you can’t open safari or chrome to search the web) distract.

What I saw and recognized was that almost everywhere where I went to, someone held a phone in his or her hand. Even when we talked to each other. Even while people are at work for example in malls. (In the end even me).

In the picture below, people are taking a break in a shopping mall. Taken in Greenbelt Malls, Makati, Philippines.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGeArGdiL8-/

9 out of the 10 people on the picture are on their phones. Maybe to text to someone, reading the news, playing a game, scrolling through feeds of social networks etc. It’s just the world we are living today.

Currently the number of mobile phone users in the world is round about 4.7 billion. Almost 64% of the world population. Nothing special, that you see almost everywhere people with a phone. See the screenshot below taken from statista.com.

Screenshot: www.statista.com

The fact that people have more access to mobile phones than to toilets or clean water is crazy.

Don’t get me wrong, I love technology, I love how companies, like Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Uber, Tesla, SpaceX etc. disrupt whole industries, change the way we communicate or even change the world.

Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement.

In the end it’s important to know or to remind yourself sometimes, just let your phone in your pocket, put it on flight mode if you want to stay focus on something or if you want to be in the moment or really pay attention to something. For example for me what works the best so far to get things done like writing this story, is to put my phone on flight mode and put it somewhere, where I can’t see it.

Sure it’s different in some work environments. You can’t just put your phone on flight mode, when working in teams, but you can for example put the notification settings of apps which you don’t need while working, off.