Gravestone Concept

Every name, nickname, wrong name, mispronunciation of my name and coffee cup fuck up I will ever have in my entire life.

The one to beat: “Dúirt mé leat go raibh mé breoite” (Irish for “I told you I was ill”), Spike Milligan
Here lies…
Lucy-Anne Thea Ronayne. Lucy. Luce. Lulu. Lou. Lu. Lala. L.A. Elaine. Elle. L.A.R. Lar. La. Luanne. LuRo. Luzo. Laz. Lucilla. Lucille. Lucious. Louisiana. Lizzy. Lucifer. Lúnasa. Loveday. Lavender. Louchie-Anne. Lucky-Anne. Lucy-Cannes. Chartreuse-Anne. Lizzy-Anne. Suzy-Anne. Missy-Anne. MA. Ronzie. Ronnie. Ronningtons. Ronzer. Ronno. Roxy. Roxanne. Roxette. René. Áine Ní Rónáin. L.A. Remain. L.A. Profane. [Please turn over]
[Continued] L.A. You’re So Vain. L.A. Roxwayne. L.A. And The Membrane. L.A. Badbrains. L.A. Torrential Rain. Hello L.A. L.A. Ron Hubbard. L. Ronayne Hubbard. Ladyda. Padyda. Paddy. Mick. Ireland. Irish. Bray. Dublin. Wicklow. Work Club. Jalucy. Nanna. Nannacita. Meryl Street. Ma Belle. Barbi. Barbicunt. Balla Radcliffe. Busty. Curly. Curls. Catóg. Diversita. You there.

Plus whatever others I pick up down the line. One gets the desired picture.

(P.S. Don’t get sad about this. I’m a cool, Hackney vampire so I’ll be grand regardless).

Fuck you, cup.
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