Starting 2017 / Ron Bentata — Issue #26

We just started 2017, and January is already out the door. Wow, this was a busy month. It went by so quickly.

Here are some great tools I discovered this passing month.

Enjoy ;-)


HOVR: Unconsciously Burn Calories at Work —

HOVR produces unconscious movement that promotes healthier living. Crowdfunding on Indiegogo.


kino-mo: Hypervsn, holografic displays — 
 The new holograms. Effective tool for increasing sales and entertainment. 3D videos and images appear floating in the air. Smart HIGH IMPACT technology

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“A”: speaker that only YOU can hear — 
 Akoustic Arts presents the “A”, the speaker that only YOU can hear. #nomoreheadphones

Step 3

Formtrigger: abandoned webforms analytics —

How many potential customers do you lose on your site? the Formtrigger tracks your site’s web forms abandonment and triggers messages to customers.


DevOpsBoard: Kanban tracker for DevOps —

Using this Kanban tracker service DevOps can easily track and manage their daily tasks and team


Airtable —

Airtable works like a spreadsheet but gives you the power of a database to organize anything. They offer free and paid plans.


prooV: POC as a service — 
 With prooV’s Pilot-as-a-Service platform you can discover/showcase solutions and easily run multiple PoCs at once, on secure cloud-based testing environments

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