RIP Democratic Party
Yvonne C. Claes

Yvonne, I am willing to hear what you are saying… but I still don’t understand exactly what happened at the convention that was tyrannical.

It is obvious that Bernie Sanders has brought in a lot of new people to the Democrat Party, and who may not understand how a political party works.

On the other hand, to party veterans, Bernie’s reluctance to actually join the party—even while running as a candidate for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination—might indicate weak support for the party itself. I can see how some of the people that have invested time and effort into the party for years, or decades even, may feel that it is the Sanders supporters who are hijaking the party.

I’ve been a registered Democrat for many years and have attended several conventions as a journalist. In my experience, there are often convention rules that are not strictly democratic and require a good understanding of the rules in order to develop a winning strategy.

As far as I understand it — as Chris wrote — many Sanders supporters showed up, but they weren’t actually registered Democrats and/or convention delegates… and they were therefore, according to the existing rules, disqualified from participating in the voting process.

Is this not the case? Are you saying that the party leaders didn’t follow existing rules? Are you saying that the rules in place were unfair? Or, are you saying that the rules were changed without following proper procedures.

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