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TL:DR —Will the help of many tools and services, we were able to bring a Virtual Ganesh Festival 2020 for the kids to enjoy using their phone or laptop.

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I moved to the USA when I was 10 years old, some of my earlier and best memories were during festivals — I can still remember…

Now anyone can write test case and become a QA 💰

For more than eight years… I’ve worked as a QA with many companies from small startups to big organizations.

My job title would vary from Quality Analyst to Software Tester to Test Automation Engineer but my role and responsibilities remained the same no matter company or application.

What is a Test Case?

  • A Test…

Repeat after me “L S minus L T R”

Prerequisites Tools

Mac (Terminal)

Windows (cywin)

— Do you learn to start coding?
— Do you learn software testing?
— Is computer engineer degree necessary? (No! :)
— Can I just google it? (Yes! ;)

But in general, even with all the information online it can deter people thinking learning software development or coding is HARD!

So, Let’s make it simple!

If you don’t know the ABC alphabets would you be able to read? or create sentences ? or write a book? — No 🙇

Let’s learn the ABCs of software development —

Unix Commands are ABCs of…

Have you ever thought of making a website for yourself to showcase your portfolio or business — A Simple About Me Website that is easy to make to put on your resume or linkedin Profile that looks really nice and mobile friendly… Easy Right? 👇

In reality, it never ends being a Simple.. Process.. 😞

Unless you are Developer.. you will have to pay 😦

You have to go to GoDaddy ..buy …

Target Audience for Beginners, Manual QA testers, SDET, Business Analysts and Front-end developers.

Automation testing framework can help save testing time and manual efforts as well as setup Continuous Integration.

  • Why Selenium?
    Core Open-Source API to automate browsers and Mobile applications..
  • Why Javascript?
    Lightweight, easy to maintain, quick setup!
  • Why Automation?
    Perform manual and repetitive tasks very quickly and efficiently by letting the Robots do the work!

Installation Steps

  1. Create a new folder
  • Create a new folder for example newTestFramework

2. Create a file called — nightwatch.js input this line


QA Automation Testing Engineer..Love to automate the Web and make Testing Frameworks with Selenium and Javascript

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