Controlling Hologram using Littlebits — Execute Order 66

Wouldn’t it be fun to make your own Hologram? Just like in Star Wars movies. What if I can control it like rotate and resize?

Here’s an experimental project in Augmented Reality using Littlebits Cloudbit as Controller. I used LittleBits to rotate Darth Sidious.

It’s just an experiment to find a way to rotate a 3d object using a simple slide controller.

Step 1: Create the Controller

I printed a StormTrooper image and tape to the glove. This will serve as the Marker for the Augmented Reality App.

Use the Littlebits Slider bit and Littlebit Wireless transmitter. Add Power.

Step 2: Connect Littlebits Wireless receiver to cloudbit. Add Power. This will connect the controller to the Cloud where the Augmented Reality App would receive the signal.

Step 3:Create an Augmented Reality App on your phone using Unity3d

I downloaded the Darth Sidious Model at

I converted it to fbx file to be used in Unity3d. I used this software.

Here’s a good tutorial how to create Augmented Reality in Unity3d

Instead of using buttons on the screen, I connected Littlebits Cloudbit.

Here’s an asset in unity3d that connects to websockets, that’s what I used to connect to the cloudbit!/content/8959- To save some money, I actually compiled the open source websocket-sharp.dll and include it to my project -

- You may also need to copy Newtonsoft.Json dlls to your project. I copied it under Plugins folder.

Here’s the code I used

I attached this a new GameObject called Littlebits, attached the c# code to that and make sure identify Access Token, Device ID, Darth Target GameObject.

Here’s how you can export an Augmented Reality project to an Android Phone

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