Nutter Fort Primary Witch Hunt
Yvonne Loar

Apparently you drew the short straw, or volunteered, to manufacture some narrative that would explain away the disgusting behavior of this teacher. And I’M DISAPPOINTED that you assume that the readers of this blog, specifically your explanation of this mess, are stupid and unable to see through what you are doing. The time tested “throw this back on the parents and the child” routine even when it’s blatantly clear that the teacher is wrong.

I don’t care about an unsigned permission slip, I don’t care about no turkey role written into the play, I don’t care if this teacher’s dog died earlier in the day….What she did was intentional. She waited for that little boy to approach the microphone and she snatched it off of that stand with split second timing like a well trained athlete. She was on point and at the ready. Denying that is foolish.

It was caught on video, unfortunate for her. But for you to manufacture this ridiculous story under the guise of damage control was foolish on your part. There is no amount of explaining away the length of the video, or how any of us might appear in a ten second snippet of our lives…this was perfect timing and her character was revealed and is now being displayed nationwide.

Please don’t insult the majority. The next time you convince others you can spin something like this in the opposite direction effectively, reconsider.

This time Ms. Lindsy gets the “F” for failing to be a compassionate, understanding, decent human being. And you madam, receive an “F” for failing to fool anyone who watched this, because lady, we just aren’t that stupid.