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Trump is unfit for office, is a crook, a liar, and self-serving; he’s about to denigrate the office of the President and turn it into a for-profit business venture, and because congress is now controlled by Republicans there is no one who can force them to act ethically or in the interest of the Americans they supposedly represent. One by one, even those who stood halfway straight with a little bit of spine with their feckless “neverTrump” meme have capitulated, smelling MONEY for themselves. Nor is it much better in most of the state legislatures around the country thanks to gerrymandering. Add to that a collection of voters who were ready to believe everything that came out of Trump’s mouth on the campaign trail, and it’s beginning to look like a very dark and shameless two or four years. I say two years for the seats that will be up for election in 2018. Dems and moderates and independents have a lot to do before this country is destroyed from the inside out, from the White House down—all this, and I am not an alarmist.

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