Reverse correlation image classification using R

Download and Installation

install.packages("devtools") library(devtools) install_github("rdotsch/rcicr", ref = "development")

Generating stimuli

generateStimuli2IFC(base_face_files, n_trials = 770)
base_face_files <- list('male'='male.jpg', 'female'='female.jpg')

Data analysis

ci <- generateCI2IFC(stimuli, responses, baseimage, rdata)
ci1 <- generateCI2IFC(…) ci2 <- generateCI2IFC(…) cis <- list(ci1name=ci1, ci2name=ci2) scaled_cis <- autoscale(cis, saveasjpegs = TRUE)
cis <- batchGenerateCI2IFC(dataframe, "columnToSplitDataBy", "columnContainingStimulusNumbers", "columnContainingResponses", baseimage, rdata)


Running reverse correlation experiments online





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