Apple just told the world it has no idea who the Mac is for
Owen Williams

Thanks, Owen…this is really right on the point…I am a heavy user, though not a professional creative. I switched totally to Apple 20 years ago and never looked…then in the last few years they have been doing everything they can to make me leave, small changes that didn’t improve the experience and in many cases only making it less useful. My mac used to always be the coolest, most dependable machine in the room…now, it is old and doesn’t do what I want. I was going to reflexively order the new MacBook Pro but will pass…I will actually consider some other brand to keep moving ahead. Aperture was awesome and so user friendly, that gets killed and I am stuck with Photos, useful only in the minor things, I’ve suscribed to Creative Cloud, just dropping random order slideshows which I had used all the time, a small point, but a major inconvenience, on and on.

The only company that can kill Apple is in fact Apple…and they are well on their way…what a shame, sorry to be grumpy but this kind of corporate stupidity is really a pain to be part of.

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