If you look close enough, you might notice a common denominator in each professional adventure you have pursued. When I look back on the career choices and jobs I’ve taken on, I almost immediately notice the one thing they’ve all had (and still have) in common: people. I guess you could say I’m a “people person.” I enjoy social interactions and mingling with anyone who likes engaging in thought-provoking conversation. This is, after all, how you learn and collect a variety of experiences that differ from one another. Life would be pretty tame otherwise, wouldn’t it?

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When I was a teenager, I was rewarded with The Education Minister Prize for Social Involvement for volunteering in my local city education department as the coordinator of a magic group; throughout the school year and during Summer camp, I taught younger children how to perform magic acts. This accomplishment was invaluable to me; it felt good to make a difference and have a positive influence on a community that I had spent a copious amount of time interacting with. Looking back, it was a solid start for a future people person in the making. …

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