Creating A Cash Flow Statement For Business Owners
Creating A Cash Flow Statement For Business Owners
Creating A Cash Flow Statement For Business Owners

The cash flow statement is a financial document that outlines all cash coming in and out of business during a set period.

When you create a cash flow statement, it creates a picture that offers an overall assessment of the health of a business — an excellent convincing point for investors and analysts to see if a company is on the rise or experiencing struggles.

For some people, the ability to create a cash flow statement appears to be innate. While for others — like me — I have to turn to outside experts because even though I have a MBA, I’ve never quite been able to master how to create a cash flow statement that makes sense. …

Crypto Fundraising
Crypto Fundraising

Today we are going to explore funding your startup with cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency has been making waves in recent years. By definition, cryptocurrency is a type of digital asset that facilitates exchanges through secure financial encryptions and verifications. Over the years, cryptocurrency (“crypto” for short) has evolved as a means to fund startup companies and small businesses. Among the most widely used cryptocurrencies include:

  • BitCoin

While gaining popularity, funding your startup with cryptocurrency is not without its drawbacks. …

Rejected Business Grant Proposals
Rejected Business Grant Proposals
Why Business Grant Proposals Are Rejected?

In this post, I’m going to explain some of the top reasons why business grant proposals are rejected, and more importantly, steps you can take to increase your chances of winning a business grant.

The U.S. Federal government awards anywhere from $600 billion to more than $700 billion in grants each year. Of these, only about 4% (slightly more than $6 billion) are awarded as business grants. And while 4% seems pretty small in the overall scheme of government grants, $6 billion in federal business grants is no small number.

And if you add businesses that form strategic partnerships with schools, universities, governmental agencies, cities, states and other public entities, the annual dollar amount of government grants for businesses jumps by at least $1 billion. For 2020 and 2021, the dollar amount of government grants for businesses is likely to be higher than previous years. Already, about $350 billion in federal grants have been awarded in 2020, and we’re still not one-third of the way through the year! …


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