the government has nothing to do with your decision to eat shitty food, listen to shitty music, self-destruct, go out and get trashed celebrating NOTHING and act like a moron while on legal drugs, not maintain yourself, not feed your brain and soul, not put effort in, not work, not contribute, not try to become the best YOU. the government has nothing to do with how you treat people or your willingness to dig deeper, look within, question yourself and acknowledge yourself as the problem as well as the solution. the government has nothing to do with you walking through traffic with your eyes glued to a screen, being scared to speak your mind, humping humility and plastic kindness, posting selfies, or the self-important tweets you post about how much your plane ride to cancun got delayed or what snack you just ate or how you just watched a television show for 3 days straight. want power to the people? then take some fucking responsibility for yourself, admit that you probably could suck a lot less than you do, realize you are weak and whiny probably because you have no real problems that you haven’t caused yourself. Government much like religion is merely a distraction away from the fact that YOU are everything, you are responsible for everything, you choose your destiny, you create your universe. It’s your choice to be in a place, if you don’t like it, leave or make it better yourself.

The government merely creates a framework for logistical things that DO NOT REALLY MATTER if you don’t let them affect you (aside from where they interfere with an individuals freedom to live, express, get married, etc.) while attempting to keep order. When in reality if we could all individually get to the root of the problem (yourself) then we would be making real progress. So yeah, go ahead and spend time arguing and building divides about who is a better or worse candidate, why you deserve a handout…there are DEFINITELY better options between them but truth is no matter who gets elected you will either A. Still continue to be a non-contributing self-centered shithead or B. Still continue to strive to be the best person you can be. So might as well focus on what you can control, which is just about everything if you take some fucking responsibility. Stop being complacent, challenge yourself, it’s not easy but then again nothing actually good is.