If It Doesn’t Suck, It’s Not Worth Doing
Benjamin Hardy

There is truth in this and other essays of yours that I read, Benjamin. My concern as to the overall teaching and preaching as regards the importance of having a life filled with success and experiences of achievement can be taken over-seriously. My experience and attendant understanding of what true and lasting happiness and what denores spiritual maturity lies more in the development of equanimity, poise, tranquility, selflessness, desirelessness, reverence, and giving without thought of return and werving without thought of reward. That is not say that achieving excellence at something is not a worthy pursuit.

Here is a message that Meher Baba sent to India’s national cricket team: “It is good to excel in whatever one takes up, so long as there is a feeling of humility. For this leads to love of God, and to love God as He should be loved is the best excellence. I give you my blessng that one day each of you may have that love.”