The Reasons Why They Fell Out Of Love With You
Keay Nigel

Wow! I need to re-read and re-read your thoughts and thinking above. I split with my second wife a little over a year ago, and have been attempting to stay in touch with my three teen or near-teen granddaughters from that marriage. I just received a crushing email from my-ex’s daughter stating she wishes that I had been “the one” for her mother. But I wasn’t. And now my ex has found someone new which is okay with me, but her daughter is having none of it. Daughter went nuclear on Mom. It seems there were two other dysfunctional guys I knew nothing about prior to me, and daughter is waaaay beyond tired of the entire thing-y. I have come to the conclusion it is time to bail on this entire chapter of my life. I’m certain upon re-reading that you have included an incredible insight in what you have written. Please continue to do what you do!

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