Stop letting the world define you.

It is time to define yourself.

As a child, we have been told consistently what is considered good, and what is considered a bad action. What the society expects of us, what our parents expects of us. What we need to grow up to be, so as to be deemed a useful human being to this mankind.

Left-Brained or Right-Brained. Who is smarter?

As life unfolds in front of our eyes, like a deck of cards, we end up conforming, trying to fit in so as to get on that running mill, only to suckled into a rat race we never wanted to be in. I am not sure whether it is my parent’s unfortunate luck or mine that I was a child designed to never fit into the system this country was designed to be. To garner scholarships, win president awards, nab top-of-the line corporate jobs, one had to be a left brainer, excelled in mathematics or science, focused, specialized individual who had a vision towards the top of the pyramid.

It was never designed for those who seeked a broader base, intangible achievements, seeked experiences and human connections, people who want to better humanity on the whole. Take an IQ test, and you will know how the world is working against you. Let’s have some design or colour test in it shall we? Logic and math the only way to tell one’s intelligence?

No it is not. Because you are weaker in science and math formulas and logical thinking, it doesn't mean you are less intelligent. Some of us are designed to be better in some field than others. Unless, you are lucky, to be a rare breed of Leonard Da Vinci, one with a balanced cognitive ability . Left-brainers are not smarter, we are know by now, one day the world will be ruled by right-brainers. Till then, we should not succumb to what the society define as the “more intelligent” type. We define what makes us different. I believe that the world needs more right-brainers, sensitive souls, and self expressions.

Born gay or a choice of an alternative lifestyle ?

“I do not think homosexuality is a choice. Society forces you to think it is a choice, but in fact it is in one’s nature. The choice is whether one expresses one’s nature truthfully or spends the rest of one’s life lying about it.” — Marlo Thomas

Churches have for the longest time, argued that it is a choice of an alternative lifestyle. The LGBT society had on the other way celebrated being born the way they are. Who is right? Society says being gay is wrong, it is against religions and bibles, it is a choice against the intention of god.

What if you are born a darker race, a gay and non-religious? Would you be the sinner of all sins? What if being gay is not a choice, like your race, your gender, your looks, being left-handed. 10% of human population are born gay. What difference is it then to judge someone who is gay, from everything else? And according to religion, we are not to judge no? One may never be able to understand that being gay is really not just a matter of a woman wearing pants, or a man wearing makeup. It is not a superficial lifestyle. It is a deep rooted change, where the external change is merely to communicate with the person inside. Who are we, as humans to play god, to define right from wrong?

What if it is deemed “wrong” to be short. Would you like to be ostracized because of that? Is it really a choice, if your brain naturally tells you pink is the colour you prefer as a boy? Then again, who defined pink to be a feminine colour? It is okay for everyone to just be what they want to be, as long as they are comfortable and happy.

Insanity in creativity or creativity in insanity?

“There is only one difference between a madman and me. I am not mad.” — Salvador Dali

I could go on and on regarding this discussion, the topic chosen for my honors thesis. I've pondered as to whether people who are diagnosed with some sort of mental illness were born with it or that it was a choice they made that led to their insanity , their depression. Many had for years, linked creativity to insanity. Great creative people such as Vincent Van Gogh, Albert Einstein etc.

Studies have shown that artistic professions were not more likely to suffer from mental disorders. If it is not true that it was the professions that lead to the mental illnesses, it may mean that it was through being a certain personality, as what we may label as creative personality today through a checklist descriptions such as “individualistic”, “insightful”, “wide interests”, “unconventional”, “reflective”, “original”, that these are merely a subset of “creativity” from some sort of insanity?

If yes, is insanity always a bad thing? If creative is about opening the floodgates of information for the brain to decode order from chaos, maybe there is something , a talent or absolute intelligence to be found compared to the structural slow, seeping, arranged information we had always been used to, and referred to as intelligence. Maybe we are just afraid of what we don’t know. We are afraid of what we think we cannot control. It is okay to be labelled as a little mad (as long as you are not a psychotic killer). There is something in it that we don’t understand yet. It may be too beautifully profound.

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