If you are going to just jump on the bandwagon without listening to the whole podcast and then also…
Marcus Oliveira Spiegelma

Couple points here:

(1) I never said Milo was an ephebophile. I said he defended ephebophlia, which one can do without being an ephebophile oneself. Showing me a set of statements where Milo says pedophilia is wrong doesn’t negate his defense of ephebophilia, particularly when he goes on to reinforce that defense in those same statements.

(2) Even when, in the best possible argument for your case, Milo said “the [age of consent] law is probably right,” he couldn’t stop himself from defending ephebophilia yet again, by saying “there are certainly people who are capable of giving consent at an earlier age.”

(3) Show me where the word “Nazi” appears in my article, as long as you’re accusing me of using it lightly.

TL;DR: Do you even read, bro?

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