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lucineux to my channel today I have a very requested video from you guys but I won’t sharing my skincare routine with you guys is night when I’m filming this and I don’t really do that much for morning skincare but I am going to go over some of the products that I do use so I won’t be demonstrating them necessarily but it’s pretty self-explanatory but I will be covering how I take my makeup off my nighttime skincare routine what I prescribed by my dermatologist which I’ll get to and what I do to get to my ok skin yeah I have a lot to cover in this video so I’m going to go ahead and jump into it but before we get started go ahead and give this video a thumbs up subscribe down below click that Bell unless it started so I’m gonna start with my skin journey it has definitely been a journey I’m gonna put timestamps right here I’m gonna put a timestamp right here if you guys just want to see my skincare routine and don’t really care about my skincare journey and how

Was happening I didn’t know anything so my optimizing dermatologists and they told me to go to Neutrogena Neutrogena they told me to go to Walgreens and get like a Susilo acid acne face wash or whatever so I did that and I was just really like insecure with my skin and with myself and that’s when I started getting to makeup because I was so insecure and you know some people when teachers would like say things like make it seem like I was too young really to wear makeup but little did they know I was just really really insecure of my skin so I just kind of want to make this video to show you guys my skincare routine byzant also help you guys out if you are going through some skin problems because most of us have been there I’ve definitely been there

lucineux Reviews I suffered with acne um skip to right here if you just wanna see my skin here Dean I hope that this background and everything is OK I’m like in my bathroom and my laundry room it’s the same room I don’t know what I’m saying and I have a door shut so hopefully it’s not too echoey I really freakin hope not that would be horrible so I have never filmed a video like this on my channel because I’ve never felt comfortable enough but know I’m finally like really happy with my skin and I just I’m so proud of the improvements that have been made I guess and how far I have come I’m not gonna like try dragging out too much just because I don’t wanna wear you guys but ever since sixth grade I struggled with acne and I vaguely remember I mean it was so long ago I was in sixth grade middle school and now I’m in college so it was a really long time ago but I just remember I was so oily I look really oily right now but I’m happy about it because I’m normally really dry I look really oily around the nose so let’s just not focus on that but yeah so in sixth grade I noticed it was just really really oily and it was actually causing my pores so bad and it created acne and I didn’t know what