Shopify Recommendation App

A recommendation app is an important tool to engage your Shopify customers and to help them find what they want. The app should offer smart recommendations and show the customer products that they are interested in. 

I was approached by the owner of a leading shop that uses the Shopify framework. He was trying to optimize the site-usage, by engaging customers to his shop’s products and making their purchase more attractive.

Interestingly, he found that there was an lack of well functioning apps on Shopify, that recommend alternative purchase-options to the customer. This prooved to be a significant drawback for the Shopify purchase-potential.

The shop-owner approached me with the request to develop a recommendation app for. An important requirement was for the app to manage itself, in order for the shop to have its hands free to focus on shop related issues.

The app I developed, Smart Recommendations Shopify App, is an independent functioning application. This means it does not need to be managed by anyone. It uses intelligent learning algorithms, so it continuously learns about user behavior. When a new product is introduced, the app combines knowledge about product information and user behavior in order to offer the customer products that are most likely going to result in a purchase.

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Installation is simple and developed to be used also by those with no experience with technology.

Smart recommendations is Recommendations on Fire as the author calls it.